ANCEDRAM is the umbrella body for all Evangelical Drama Ministers in Nigeria. Our Vision is ACTING THE WORD (GOSPEL OF CHRIST) in POWER and ANOINTING. We are not entertainers or comedians, we are Gospel Ministers propagating the Gospel of Christ through Drama and Film

ANCEDRAM is the largest community of Gospel Drama and Film Professionals. Our Experienced Instructors are of world-class standard. About ANCEDRAM

Being the largest body of Christian Drama ministers and filmmakers, we help in Marketing, Distributing, and Networking our members’ Films across Nigeria and outside the Country.

We’re on the ground 24/7 offering well-crafted Film Training, we’re pushing beyond limits in providing new innovative frontiers with our services. We want it to be as easy as possible for everyone everywhere, allowing all students to explore and feel better through our lessons.

Our Instructors are Professionals, practising practitioners. They are leading and Learning Leaders in their chosen fields. These are people who derive joy in doing what they know to do best.

Professionalism comes from a wealth of experience acquired in continuous practising. Our experienced expert in the Film Industry will take you in a very impactful training class.

Film and Drama Training of world class is what we offer with very cheap and considerate charges. You will enjoy enrolling in our educative studies.

After the completion of your Training, you will be offered an authentic Certificate that is presentable everywhere.

Meet the best hands and Leaders in the Gospel Film Production, who offer quality training for upcoming film producers.


This 2024 National Congress Registration plan is meant for the ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees. This plan comes with total Congress packages, access, and privileges only meant the members of ANCEDRAM BOT. Board of National Executives.

Feel free to ask us any questions on whatever you have issues with. Our support team will get back to you without waiting time.

ANCEDRAM Council of Elders


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